KIIS Remastered

This package marked the return of the massive seven-voice vocal group to the CHR format in the late 80’s. KIIS-FM wanted the new package to have balls, so the legendary Jim Clancy anchored the original group. The “Dallas sound” vocals, layered on top of Bruce Upchurch’s fx-laden, energetic tracks, created a new audio texture for CHR that pairs perfectly with today’s Classic Hits stations. Remastered and re-sung with a fresh new vocal group, Southern California’s KIIS is ready to be sung for your listeners right now.

** Did you know the heritage 3-note KIIS melody is borrowed from another famous radio logo? Shorten the “WLS” melody to the last three notes, and you’ll hear “KIIS-F-M” melody.

What’s in the package?

17 Main Themes + Various Mixouts
1 Top Of Hour + Stager Ramp
1 Promo + Stager Ramp
1 Weather + Stager Ramp