PLJ Remastered

How many CHR packages are composed to be played on air at KIIS-LA and WPLJ-NY…at the same time? PLJ – The Jingles is the NYC version of Hollywood’s KIIS, sung for LA’s KIIS-FM. The PLJ version contains a melody that ascends through the last note and is powerful and clear. The group sound has shimmering vibrato that makes the vocal unique and different to packages during that era of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The instrumentals are the same for both packages. The remastered versions “pop” even more than the originals.

You can also hear the KIIS melody samples within the DEMO.

What’s in the package?

17 Main Themes + Various Mixouts
1 Top Of Hour + Stager Ramp
1 Promo + Stager Ramp
1 Weather + Stager Ramp